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Security News

The very latest security and privacy news from around the world

The entrepreneur who created the Silk Road underground dark web market in everything from illegal drugs to weapons and hacking tools had his life sentence upheld on appeal.

And while many thought that the harsh sentence was being used as a deterrence to others, it doesn't seem to have worked. The dark web is now bigger, stronger, and more popular than ever. More. 

Chipolte’s reputation just can’t catch a break. Just months after a spate of health scares severely damaged the restaurant’s reputation and value comes the news that hackers breached the point-of-sale systems at more than 2,000 of the firm’s stores. The hackers planted malware that stole credit and debit card numbers from an undisclosed number of customers. More.

As the security and privacy regulatory environment becomes more critical and complex for advisors, Kluwer launches a new portal to make navigation a little easier. Read more.

Experts have warned that hackers could increasingly target financial advice firms now retail banks are splurging on cyber security to protect customers’ cash. More.