For Your Clients

Protecting Your Clients

World Class Protection For Your Clients

YourClientsEvery consumer deserves the best possible protection. But your clients expect it. High net worth clients are a top target for all kinds of cybercrooks, and it's about so much more than just their good credit. And a single incident can not just be financially damaging, it can also hurt your clients' most valuable asset - their reputation. 
We've counselled thousands of consumers and victims over many years, and there are few if any situations we haven't come across. And having some world-class experts always availabe to your clients is a unique benefit few others can match.

24/7 Consultancy

Security incidents, or even just worries, can pop up at any time. So your clients can call us at any time for help, answers, or just a little peace of mind. And most times a simple call is just enough.

Emergency Response

If your clients do fall victim to a breach or a scam, we’ll work with them to help identify the cause, fix any issues, and contain any damage. And it helps that we've already done this thousands of times.

Security Assessments

Knowing your vulnerabilities before someone else finds them is key to good security. We can walk your clients through self-assessment checklists that will help them build and maintain good security with little effort. 

Identity Protection

Identity theft is the nation’s #1 crime and we’re lucky to have the nation’s top identity theft experts on our team who can help build comprehensive identity protection for your clients and their families. 

Family Security Plans

Every family member is a potentially weak link. We can work with your clients to ensure all family members are protected, including identity protection, computer and device protection, and social media safety. 

Employee Screening

Your clients should always know who’s coming into their business or home, especially for extended periods. We can conduct criminal background checks on all third parties to help identify and reduce any risks.