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Protecting Your Firm

Boutique Protection For Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors, and Family Offices

YourFirmThere’s no getting around it. Advisors to the wealthy are just as big a target as their clients, maybe even bigger, because they’re a gateway to a wealth of wealth.

And unfortunately, often a poorly protected gateway. Our hybrid model is ideally suited for smaller firms interested in maximizing their own security and at the same time providing a suite of critical security services, from world class experts, for their clients.

Your Dedicated CISO

Even the smallest firm or family office needs constant access to the best security advice. We'll always be there to help guide and manage your security and to counsel your clients. More.

Security, Privacy, Compliance

Good security and privacy policies are not just essential in preventing risks, but in providing a good defense in the event of an incident. We’ll make sure you’re covered. More.

Security Assessments

Our consultant-led and self-audits are a great way to help you identify and plug any security gaps, and especially those that might arise as your business grows and as threats evolve. More.

Employee Security Awareness

Employees are the #1 target for hackers and the cause of most data and security breaches. The best defense is relentless security awareness, to turn your employees into sentries, and few firms know that field better than us. More.

Penetration Testing and Scanning

We’ll help find and plug security vulnerabilities and malware on your website, networks, and servers by conducting regular security scans and penetration tests. More.

Background Checking

When you let a third party into your firm or office - vendor, contractor, or individual - you're also letting them into the lives of your clients. We'll make make sure they're good to go. More.

Random Phish Testing

The phishing email is the favorite and most effective way for hackers to breach your security and wreak havoc. Our customized phish testing is an essential way to test and teach your employees about the risk and make sure their mistakes don't cost you. More.

Management Security Briefings

We get it - security has to be top-of-mind but you don't have time to keep up. We’ll keep you updated constantly on the security and privacy landscape, as well as give you constant assessments of your own current state of vigilance.

Incident Response

Let’s face it – bad things will happen. Most experts agree that a security breach is a matter of when and not if. When the “when” happens, we’ll be there to help you respond, recover, and minimize the impact. More.

Communications Security

Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. Email, text messages, and most other forms of communications are not inherently secure, so we can help you and your clients make sure they are.

Team Security

Every member of your team is a potential vulnerability. As part of our program, we’ll make sure they and their family members are protected too, including protection against identity theft. More.

Client Presentations

Treat your clients to a private presentation on security and privacy that will teach them lessons they’ll befit from for a lifetime. See just a sample of the firms and audiences we’ve taught. More.